The Hacking Simulator For PC, MAC & LNUX!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is this a real hacking application? 
A: Nope, this is a game on the subject of hacking! 
Q: Will this game teach me how to hack devices, networks and other things in real-life? 
A: There are hacking references and terminology in the game, but does not represent  
how to actually hack something. 
Q: Why should I buy this game? 
A: Well there's a cool soundtrack, and a narrative story mode in which you  
play a hacker, there's also specific mission selections for those  
that want something more specific. 
Q: How much does this game cost? 
A: $5, this might change depending on your local currency conversion respectfully. 
Q: I have a problem with the game, I need support! 
A: Please reach out via email 
or contact through the steam forums! 
Q: I do YouTube / Work For Press, how do I get in-touch? 
A: Please email for business or press related inquiries. 
Q: Can I post a video about this game to YouTube / Gameplay?  
A: Yes, you're free to upload any sort of YouTube video, the soundtrack  
is custom made so you don't need to worry about contentID garbage.  
Q: I'm a youtuber / press member, can I request a free copy to cover? 
A: If you believe your channel, news site or any other outlet is relevant  
enough to request a free copy then you can apply for at  
Q: Do you have a presskit? 
A: Yes, if you're a member of the media and need more information